L system music revisited

I’ve hacked a different way of interpreting l systems which is more suited to time based patterns, such as for music. Instead of parsing the rules into a long string in one go (as I used to do for pattern cascade), this version uses a stack based method to evaluate them continuously, meaning that they use up much less memory and the processing time is spread out – this means you can set the recursion depth much higher, or should that be deeper? The code is here.

Here’s an example run, although be warned that the synth patches I’m using are rather untamed (partly due to the mood I was in when composing 🙂

The rules for this are:


Which I think is quite a good compression ratio for the complexity resulting - this is an important aspect of the 'livecode-ability' of a procedural approach, less keystrokes equals more time to think about what you are doing. If the embedded thing doesn't work, the archive.org page is here

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