Sketches for more plant game prototypes

Two more ideas for game prototypes in sketch form…

The first one is a quick idea for a game in the vein of ‘Destroy All Humans!’ where you are a giant plant which can pull down buildings and cause mayhem. Think inverse sim city – start with a big smelly city and when you’ve overgrown and converted it into fields you’ve won. I was just thinking of how fun working on a traffic+crazed crowd simulator for this would be, but it’s possibly not really the right ambience for the groworld project 🙂

The next one is an idea for growing plants on the cellular level – and some ideas for how the cell’s dynamics and animation could work. The idea is to pull energy from photosynthesis into the ground where it can mix with nutrients to cause further growth. It’s partly inspired by the Plant Dungeon idea from Tale of Tales.

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