Ghent #1:Livecoding at Resonance

Last weekend I was livecoding the Vooruit in Ghent, along with Fokke de Jong, Gabor Papp, Evan Raskob, Graham Coleman and Antti Jadertpolm as part of Resonance Ghent 2009. It was a pretty full on weekend consisting of inhabiting a nice gallery space in a continuous workshop/jam session, and taking control of the visuals on the Saturday night event. Many thanks to Bram de Jong for being the perfect host!

Looking into the code:

On the saturday night we combined the forces of 3 fluxus livecoders. This is a mini clip of Gabor Papp and Evan Raskob livecoding to (I think) Claro Intelecto and Andy Stott:

Some of my stuff is visible right at the start of this video.

Here is a clip of Antti Jadertpolm live-photoshopping, which provided a very organic look, with a refreshingly manual process which was fascinating to watch:

More pics:

2 thoughts on “Ghent #1:Livecoding at Resonance”

  1. if we start a livecoding visual band, we should call it either:
    1. (clear)
    2. (build-cube)


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