Ghent #2: Borrowed Scenery 0.1

I’ve just spent the last few days helping to set up and take part in foam’s contribution to Ghent’s “The game is up” festival (how to save the world in 10 days). We’ve been talking, eating, drawing, growing and philosophising about plants, and I’ve been programming, and getting people to test mini games based on our vegetal friends too. We also met with Auriea and Michaël from Tale of Tales to talk over game designs for the groworld project, and tried playing some relevant games (including the excellent Nobi Nobi Boy). My dancemat’s also been taking a hammering, causing some flowery fluxus noisiness 🙂 There is still a lot more things going on, including workshops on seedballing and solar power, a guerilla gardening excursion and de-installation art.

A lot more photos here.

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