3 thoughts on “Junkyard geraniums”

  1. These days games get done by huge teams but clearly there’s a lot to be said for having one guy do both the design *and* code the shader(s) to make sure they fit the mood. I really love these, very original and magical mix of melancholy and hope. You’re on to something here.

  2. Thanks, I got a bit fixated with this idea, it’s great to get some feedback 🙂 I’m not really working on this alone, a lot of the ideas come from design meetings we’ve been having at foam with Tale of Tales and Six to Start ( http://www.sixtostart.com/ ), although we haven’t begun detailed design yet, this is really another rapid prototyping experiment to get us talking about something tangible and try out some networked gameplay.

  3. Well, this is lovely, it looks very compelling and different. I’d probably buy a PS2 game with this on the box art. Mind you; that doesn’t mean you have a hit, I tend to buy my games heavily discounted because they are too weird for anyone else. I thought Ribbit King was great and for a while hoped for a sequel to Ring of Red.

    The side of railroad tracks (maybe a abandoned one) might also make for a good location. Those tend to be this odd sort of “no-man’s land” as well and they typically have a rich flora due to the slipstream of trains carrying seeds further than they’d normally get. Abandoned railroads would also go well with a junkyard and train levels of any kind are always good. As soon as I’m in charge all games will be required by law to have a train level.

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