Groworld @ Sommercamp Workshop

We’ve just spent the last week at the sommercamp workshop in Berlin, where we experimented with human plant interfaces.

The last image there is a psycho-galvanic analyzer, based on the work of L. George Lawrence. Unfortunately it seems our attempt to replicate the apparatus was unsuccessful. Perhaps this was due to the lack of signals from Ursa Major, or insufficient lunching (see the article).

In order to display the signals from environmental readings (which did work) such as light, temperature and soil moisture, I added some new ornamentation to the plants in the game.

The horns play and exude nutrients according to soil moisture data, and the inflatoes (inflatable potatoes) inflate according to the light level.

2 thoughts on “Groworld @ Sommercamp Workshop”

  1. Are you aware of the ground-breaking field of Predictive Sonobotanics?

    It’s a field so controversial that one academic organisation (who will remain nameless to protect the guilty) tried to suppress publication of important findings in it! I’m proud to be able to say I once had the chance to risk a nasty fall from a roof as well as certain sun-burn trying to help advance it.

    I’ll send some emails but at the very least you need to link to that in your references section.

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