Lirec: python scripting and military robots

I’ve been starting to get back into the Lirec project again this week, starting off by wrapping all my C++ vision code to python in order to script it. This has sped the research work up already, as I’ve been able to script some initial experiments on expression recognition in a couple of days – I’m currently using the yale face database as my training data for the expression appearance model, but it’s not very good as there aren’t enough faces really. I’ve registered for the AR face database and the PIE database from Carnegie Mellon too.

There is a limit to how much development of the competencies (the low level things the robots need to do) really furthers Lirec’s research aims, so I’m also looking for places where robots already form long term companionships with humans – there are some surprising cases cropping up in the military which need further investigation.

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