More plant eyes work

I’ve been really busy tweaking the game for gRig Froesjels in a couple of weeks time. Colour is back, there is a little garden in which you are growing including other plants growing around you. Yesterday I removed the ground plane and tried delineating the above/below ground in a different way…

Plant Eyes V10

Plant eyes in double figures… Some “head up display” information on the number of markers you have to grow with, and I’ve added explanatory text when you start, which I think helps with this sort of completely weird gameplay :) OSX bin here.

Plant Eyes: Head up display

I’ve added a head-up-display to plant eyes so you can tell when you are growing a root/shoot. I might also display the number of markers you have left. The pickup absorbing is working properly now – rather than just disappearing out of existence, they dissolve when the root grows near them. I also managed to increase the framerate back to something more suitable, which was a bit of a relief.