Al Jazari in flash! (or haxe)

My first flash/haxe app, which I found really fun to make. Click on the code to change the instructions, and on the cubes to activate or deactivate triggers – there is only one robot and one sample (808 handclap) working for the moment. Here’s more about the al jazari project.

[update – added some more samples]
[update #2 – more robots and more sounds, click on the robots to edit their code]

The source code and textures are here.

4 thoughts on “Al Jazari in flash! (or haxe)”

  1. I love it!

    I did notice though that on my system (really quite pedestrian Ubuntu) the game responds to the centre of the mouse cursor’s icon, as opposed to the top left where the tip of the arrow is. This leads to miss-clicking. I also noted I’m unable to affect the squares below the “think cloud”. Probably both known issues?

    Did you ever see this?

    I think that’s somewhat related and a interesting perspective on this kind of thing if we’d like collaborative/social experiments without all players sharing the same screen/computer (like with the installation version of Al Jazari). I noticed that FarmVille does disappointingly little with the idea of people having “neighbouring” fields (and doesn’t have nearly enough acid either). If only we could merge this, ChucK ChucK Rocket and FarmVille world domination or at least worldwide acidic time-wasting would be ours!

  2. Hi Kassen, yes the weirdness on the trigger clicking is due to overlapping sprites and transparency – flash doesn’t seem to do the mouse selection very well, I can probably improve this by changing the sprites a bit. I’ve moved the cloud up so you can click on every cube now.

    Chu chu rocket is superb, I hadn’t seen the chuck version – it looks great. I’d love to see it in performance. I have a similar plans of network play for the JamCity game.

    I’m playing FarmVille, which sort of got me started looking at haxe/flash – and thinking about using facebook friend info for… something, not sure exactly what yet.

  3. New version is even better; no obvious issues for me yet.

    CCR is freely available as part of the “Audicle”. Audicle is perhaps *the* most beautiful looking IDE out there but it hasn’t been in development for quite a while and CCR comes from a PLORK performance. Even if you get it to run it’s not clear what to do with it without having one of the Princeton people set it up for you, their network and so on. I think there is some video in one of Ge’s online presentations. Oh, well, there have been new-ish rumours about work on GLucK (ChucK for OpenGL). I’d like to do ChucK ChucK Revolution; we have a dancing man in the Audicle, we have a perfect icon for scrolling arrows, we have a theme-song and mechanics for timing detection :-).

    How about a set of genre names (jazz, rock, techno, etc) that people could put in the “favourite music” field on their profile. The first of these would be read by JamCity and used as the sound-set for that user’s robot avatar in JamCity? You’d have a decent chance of that already working for many people without a need for edits. Another interesting metric could be the ratio between posts/comments placed on one’s own wall and posts/comments placed on friends walls in the last week. That would say something about whether the user is in a introverted or extroverted mood and might affect how the robots react when bumping into each other?

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