Plotting face space

I’m flitting around a lot between projects… Back on appearance models for the lirec project, this is a small slice of face space, the plots represent images of the individuals in different lighting conditions – seeing how the lighting affects the spread of the data. One of the images for each individual is shown at the top, along with it’s symbol. The axes refer to only 3 of the 600 dimensions in the face space I’m using for this, I’ve picked some good ones so you can see how the individuals are clustered.

User identification happens simply by finding the closest known face to the one the camera can see. Actually, currently the face classifier cheats by finding the closest average centre of the known faces for each individual, but looking at these plots I don’t think this is a good approach as the ‘blobs’ aren’t very spherical.

This is also (rather shamefully) my first go with gnuplot which I’m liking a lot.

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