Wilderness plant growth

I’ve got plant growth working in the wilderness game world, and a lot of client server stuff in so players can see what other people have grown in the game. I’m basing my code from the excellent haxeChat example as it’s very unfamiliar territory for me. Unfortunately the remaining issue is how to get the server running securely, so it isn’t live yet, just a screenshot for now:

These are the plant sprites I’ve been using (drawn on a boring train journey this weekend). They are quite badly made homages of my favorite groworld patabotanical illustrations.


I’m not sure if this is another groworld game prototype or something else at the moment. Use the cursor keys to move around, when you get to the edge of the visible bit of world you can step into the next (as long there is not water on the other side). It’s a pseudo infinite wilderness, very much inspired by SpinDizzy, and feeling boxed in while playing FarmVille.

These are the tiles it’s using:

The original svg is with the code in svn.

I’d also add that selected ambient works is good listening while drawing sprites 🙂