Pixelache #1 Suomenlinna puredyne sprint

Part one of my pixelache experience was on the ice surrounded island of Suomenlinna, where Gabor and I spent 3 days working on fluxus. With the help of the puredyne sprint team we got the debian packaging working on launchpad – which is Ubuntu’s system for organising software packages and making sure they build on the various architectures and Ubuntu OS versions. We now have a fluxus ppa so people running a debian based system can directly get updates from us with apt-get upgrade.

We also spent a little time discussing the situation with proprietary graphics card drivers and Linux. This has recently become a personal matter, as my graphics card is no longer supported by ATI for current Linux kernels. We talked about avoiding locked away features as artistic constraint, and looked at people trying to do something about this like the xorg crack pushers and phoronix. One plan is to make the more cutting edge xorg code availible as a puredyne package so we can quickly test these free software drivers for installations and performances.

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