Scheme Bricks for Graphics

Scheme bricks was originally designed as a visual programming interface for functional reactive programming using frisbee – an experimental fluxus based game engine built on top of PLT’s FrTime language. I’ve ended up spending the last 18 months beta testing it in livecoding performances with slub using fluxa, culminating in the workshop last week.

This example is one of the “hello world” type scripts in fluxus, a recursive cube structure. It’s the first time I’ve tried this with scheme bricks. Having the interface in the same world as the rest of the objects opens up lots of possibilities, and enters the realm of IOhannes m zmölnig’s “do sinusoids dream of electric sweeps” performances in pure data – code could be written to modify the representation of itself.

Higher priority though, is to spend some time on making the interface itself easier to use 🙂