Plant spirits, AI and gitorious

This week has been about researching the next steps for the germination x design. Principally looking at how we can use the game to demonstrate and exploit some of the work on the Lirec project. I’ve had a speculative look at how we could use companions to fit the theme of a permaculture game, and ended up with some strange combination of bickering greek gods and plant spirits.

I’ve also been playing with the AgentMind code from our partners at Heriot Watt and got some of my own AI agents running and interacting with objects in a test world. At the other end, the client game code is now free from flash dependencies, so it should be possible to target HTML5 canvas and flash in the same code.

I’ve also switched from svn to git for everything and moved to gitorious. Germination X is here and all the rest of my mess is now located here.

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