Tampere building projections

Following on from the Pixelache Urban Projection Lab, we were invited to take part in the Tampere Architecture Week “Night of Lights” to brighten up a dark November Finnish evening. Luckily we didn’t have to brave the -12 degree temperatures the whole time, as we had some protection in the form of a temporarily repurposed shop front (complete with christmas tree).

Antti Jadertpolm improvised live paintings (live-photoshop), creating images on the surface of the building – making a dense jungle grow gradually while populating it with animals and characters from warmer places. Miska Knapek visualised energy use taking data from the local energy company and converting it into a particle system, along with wind movement visualisation and some more abstract pieces. I improvised some from-scratch fluxus livecoding, the idea was to try different approaches for using movement to camouflage or distort the surface of the building.

Here is a video we assembled of our exploits:

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