Germination X – Plant spirits progress

The FAtiMA minds that will be running the plant spirits are now receiving events from the world – i.e. plants growing, getting ill or starting to fruit affects their emotional state. These events are appraised by FAtiMA’s OCC model, which is named after Ortony, Clore and Collins who proposed it in 1988:

“…, we would like to lay the foundation for a computationally tractable model of emotion. In other words, we would like an account of emotion that could in principle be used in an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that would, for example, be able to reason about emotion.”

(Ortony, Clore and Collins, 1988, p. 2)

If you go to the game and type in a name, pick a fruit by clicking on it and plant it somewhere, you should trigger some “Love” from the plant spirit that is responsible for that type of plant. I’ve also attempted to set up some “Action Tendencies” which cause actions to occur when certain emotional conditions are met, and “Event Reactions” which describe the agent’s emotional reaction to actions carried out by other agents. Only debug text descriptions display any of this so far…

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