Naked on Pluto vs Mozilla

We had some trouble following a submission of Naked on Pluto to the Mozilla Game On competition. Aymeric describes the full story here, and it looks like a case of satire mistaken as the real thing, but it’s just a shame that we needed to go public with a blog post before we received any replies from Mozilla to our numerous emails.


I also wanted to write something about FaceBook as so far we have had zero problems with them over Naked on Pluto, a FaceBook game designed to confront the concept of online social networks.

This could be for two reasons, firstly FaceBook could be a place that welcomes strange and awkward software art and games even if they are a bit critical and have an odd sense of humour (although evidently they can’t be as confrontational as the web2.0 suicide machine).

The other, much more likely possibility is that with the sheer number of applications and games they haven’t even noticed we exist – which in itself makes the space, if not free, slightly “loose”.

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