Germination X: Relationships

More documentation for the Germination X game – this diagram attempts to explain the relationships between the plant spirits and the plants, and between each other. Green indicates “love”, red indicates “hate”. Each spirit represents a “layer” in permaculture terminology – a collection of plants, for example the CoverSpirit represents the soil cover species such as clover and dandelion (which is not strictly correct Lina informs me, but we’ll skip that for now).

The basic emotions of “love” and “hate” give the FAtiMA AI system something to react to in order to cause higher level emotions. For example, the fact that the CoverSpirit is not fond of the TreeSpirit (as trees cause shade for it’s plants) means that it experiences “resentment” when the TreeSpirit is happy at an apple tree flowering. The CoverSpirit will in turn express “admiration” for the ShrubSpirit being happy at the planting of a new aronia bush. This can be seen as the most basic form of this kind of “socially aware” artificial intelligence.

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