Fluxus on Android

I recently took a long train journey and had an idea to use my android phone for taking timelapse photos for Miska Knapek. I had no laptop with me, and realised there was no way I could script anything on the phone itself to do this, or anything more complex. This was the kernel of an idea that ended up as two intense days of hacking fluxus into android.

It’s running as native code (underneath the JVM), and as it’s got the same type of processor as the NDS it shares some code with Betablocker DS which has similar restrictions. There is only a tiny amount of fluxus code ported at the moment, but the scenegraph and core maths is pretty much the same (with some changes to fixed point). I’ve used TinyScheme for the interpreter (the same one Impromptu is based on) which gives you an impressively complete language with a very small footprint.

This is just a quick proof of concept (how far I got is testament to the excellent documentation and ease of portability using C++ with the NDK more than my abilities). It would be nice to expose all the sensors to the script (motion, compass, GPS, camera, wifi) and make it quite general purpose. Writing code with the touch screen is do-able but not very usable – but I have some ideas in this area also…

Get the source and, of course the package. Touch the screen when it’s started up to view and eval the source.

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