Betablocker DS: Table feedback after Claudius Maximus

After getting some dates for gigs with Betablocker DS, I am spending some time looking into audio algorithms, and implementing them on the Gameboy DS. Last Thursday I spent some time at the TAI studio/bunker with Till Bovermann investigating these PD patches by Claudius Maximus:

The algorithm uses feedback to create sounds that take some time to play through a wide range of frequencies. It works by writing into the same buffer it’s playing, but at a different rate/position – the resulting ugliness suits the style of BBDS very much. As an aid to our understanding Till converted the algorithm to Supercollider, then over the next couple of days I managed to get it running with an inner loop of 9 instructions on the DS (could probably be optimised further, but I’m still a beginner):

@ ----------------------------------------------------
@ qrz_maximus: *dst, length, readpos, writepos [freq, *tab]
@ ----------------------------------------------------
        .global qrz_maximus
	.type   qrz_maximus, %function
        push    {r4,r5,r6,r7}       @ push the registers we need
        ldr     r4, [r13,#20]       @ load freq from stack into r4 
        ldr     r5, [r13,#24]       @ load *tab from stack into r5 
        ldr     r6, .tablength      @ load the tablen into r6
        ldrh    r7, [r5,r2]         @ load the sample into r7
        strh    r7, [r0], #2        @ write output: *dst=r7 dst++
        strh    r7, [r5,r3]         @ feedback into tab[writepos]=r7 
        add     r2, r2, r4          @ readpos+=freq
        and     r2, r2, r6          @ mask readpos into range
        add     r3, r3, #2          @ writepos++
        and     r3, r3, r6          @ mask writepos into range
        subs    r1, r1, #1          @ length--
        bne     .maximus_loop       @ repeat until length zero
        mov     r0, r2              @ return readpos
        pop     {r4,r5,r6,r7}   
        bx      lr                  @ exit
        .word   0x00003FF    

And here it is running on autopilot with a test program in Betablocker:

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