Isometric engineering

The first report from south western Sweden where I am on unofficial residency/hacking retreat in the environs of the Tjärnö Marine Research Laboratory.

This is a great place for my main task, to focus on Germination X, and I’m starting with new isometric ground tiles. I’m aiming for the feeling of roots and interconnectedness with just a whiff of geological process.

Germination X is about thinking by sketching, and this started with a couple of rough drawings playing with different pathways across squares. If the connection points are kept consistent they fit together to build cubes, and automatically, the cubes joined together too.

I also thought that varying the widths of the paths would be more interesting, and built a kind of template from the master Germination X cube.

If I kept to these guidelines the plan should work – but I wasn’t sure how it the end effect would actually look. Using the template (visible underneath the paper, still in analogue mode) I drew five different variations of these pathway cubes.

After a bit of fixing and colouring in the gimp, this is an example chunk of world rendered in the Germination X 2D engine. Although the lining up is still not perfect, I like the roughness. Any combination of cubes will fit, you can swap any one for any other without breaking the pattern. The only tricky bit is that the random number generator is seeded from the position of the cubes, so the same pattern is generated consistently for any part of the world without having to store anything.

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