New plant spirits and dandelions

A large part of the recent work on Germination X has been finalising the character design for the plant spirits. We need something which can exhibit some connection with the permaculture plant layer the spirit represents along with a way to express emotions with the restrictions of the browser platform. This is an image from Lina’s concept art – many more of which are online here.

After a few iterations we have some ready to use in the game, the colours will be driven by their emotions (more on that later on). These are the ground cover (mulching), tree and shrub layer spirits:

Along with this, all the artwork in the game has been updated, taking Lina’s latest versions and also increasing the resolution. I also had a chance to work on a new dandelion from Lina’s uncoloured version, here are all of the different variations, with growth, autumn and illness stages.

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