GX: Player statistics-o-rama

Some stats on Germination X player activity since November:

Total num players: 310
Time spent playing total: 181.80 hours
Average player return duration: 9 days
Players who returned for periods longer than 30 days: 21 players
Average num sessions per player: 2.47 sessions
Average num fruit/seed picked per player: 12.53 fruit
Average num plants planted per player: 12.31 plants
Average session length per player: 16.09 minutes
Median session length: 3.82 minutes
Average plantings per session for all players: 8.73 plants

These sorts of player behaviour stats can be an important part of developing online games, as they provide a way to get feedback on changes you make to the game. In that vein – here are some statistics before and after a couple of big changes to attempt to see how they changed the experience, based on the average number of plants planted per session by all players:

Tutorial feature:
Average plants per session – before: 6.47 after: 12.23

Player avatar feature:
Average plants per session – before: 8.23 after: 11.20

I think it’s possible to take these kinds of stats too seriously (especially in small sample sizes as here) but in combination with focus study feedback you can start to build up a useful picture that can be used to influence decisions.

2 thoughts on “GX: Player statistics-o-rama”

  1. What happened? I was googling plant spirits and I saw this– reminds me of Miyazaki, very cool. 🙁 – Maryland, USA.

  2. Hi Allie!

    We ran it for a few years then stopped it to make space for other things – I’ve been wondering about restarting it though, and looking at what players got up to (we had a few thousand in the end I think)…

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