Borrowed Scenery

I spent last week working on various activities associated with the Electrified festival in Ghent, which included a mix of plant care, games dev, low level android audio hacking, beagleboard-bike fixing. Here are some photos of the Borrowed Scenery installation/physical narrative, home of the mysterious patabotanists and temporary research laboratory for FoAM – excellent for getting into the spirit of the work while developing it. More details in further posts.

2 thoughts on “Borrowed Scenery”

  1. Sometimes, I’m just jealous. This greenhouse thingie is something I always dreamed about to work in. Good to see that you made my dream come true 🙂

  2. It was a great environment, and had quite a big affect on the ways of thinking – as well as giving a more grounded feel for the work itself. I think I will include “building working environment” into projects in the future! 🙂

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