Bike Opera – layering sounds in space

New advancements on the the bike opera project with Kaffe Matthews include a brand new mapping tool based on, yes you guessed it – Ushahidi which I’ve been using for a lot of wildly different projects recently. This time the work has been mainly focused in improving the area mapping – adding features for editing polygons so Kaffe can layer her sounds in space:


This work is fairly reusable, as it only concerns changes to the submit_edit_js.php file in the standard Ushahidi install. In the meantime, Kaffe has been collecting sounds from musicians in Porto and building up a work of truly operatic proportions. We keep our fingers crossed that the bike mounted BeagleBoards can cope with all this material!


3 thoughts on “Bike Opera – layering sounds in space”

  1. That’s a great link thanks! We want to go in that direction very much, the focus is on collaborating with local people – musician, stories and jokes linked with the streets and places, so samples have been the priority so far. Incorporating synthesis with that in mind remains an open (and v interesting) problem.

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