We livecoded a planetarium! I didn’t get any photos of the slub performance as I was a little busy, but Matthew Yee-King’s photos are here. Thanks to Pete ‘the dome’ for all his hard work, and sorry for nearly blowing up his speakers :/ Fluxus is now compatible with Plymouth University’s Immersive Vision Theatre!

Some pics of the wronghead’s performance:

There are more on my flickr page, and some movies too…

Dustbin livecoding revisited

The planetarium projection seems to work quite well now. I’ve made the angle and number of cameras it uses configurable, and I also alter the texture coordinates so the visible segment of the sphere corresponds to the entire texture (so you use all the pixels in the texture target, basically). It also uses orthographic projection for rendering the sphere:

This is another photo of my failsafe bin lid testing rig. It looks a bit more convincing than this really shows, the key thing (I think) is that the segments of the sphere appear to be the same distance apart in the bin, while being squashed in the flat version: