Clip Kino

Last week I attended a Clip Kino event at Alto University’s Media Factory. Clip Kino is a concept to use online video as a focus for events and talks via informal screenings. The ease of access of vast amounts of online video makes this a fast way to research ideas, and doing it in small groups means that a conversational approach quickly emerges – which worked well in this event, called Clip Camp:

Clip Camp is a format that merges open sharing events, such as BarCamp, with online video culture. The event is an experiment in methodology, creating a cross between a seminar room, a short video-clip festival and an offline discussion forum about online materials.

There is a good write up of the presentations on the media factory blog.

HENVI and Finnish Bioarts Society

I spent the morning on Kallvikinniemi with HENVI (the University of Helsinki Centre for the Environment) and the Finnish Bioarts Society learning about 3 new projects involving Forests and Climate Change, Sustainable Urban Development through Ecosystem Services and Multidisciplinary Baltic Sea Research. All of these project are interested in collaborating with artists for public engagement and multidisciplinary work – calls will be made by the Bioarts Society later in the year.

Artvertiser in Helsinki

Yesterday I had the chance to take part in Julian Oliver’s and Damian Stewart’s Artvertiser walk around Helsinki. Advertising space was augmented with new artworks made by the workshop participants and displayed by their custom built camera goggles. It was also a chance to chat with the group behind m-cult, who were supporting the workshop. I found it significant that many of the locations chosen came with their own musical augmentation too – a deliberate choice, I’m sure.