Time syncing headaches

I’ve just spent the last two days tearing my hair out on time syncing the traffic livecoding prototype. It all comes down to a combination of spline based animation and techno. The problem is that the vehicles can collide with each other at any time and try evasive manoeuvres, but when the way is clear again they need to time their animation so they reach the next section of road exactly on the beat – in order to trigger any potential sounds that are there (I haven’t got as far as adding the triggers yet). This is much more complex than Al Jazari – where the world was simple enough that I could simulate all the interactions between the robots ahead of time, and delay the animation to match the audio. I’ve also added traffic lights which need to be able to change at any time, which didn’t help. Fingers crossed, and despite a few animation glitches left to sort out – I think it’s working now.

In the meantime, I’ve come to enjoy this deeply place-holder aesthetic:

Ghent #1:Livecoding at Resonance

Last weekend I was livecoding the Vooruit in Ghent, along with Fokke de Jong, Gabor Papp, Evan Raskob, Graham Coleman and Antti Jadertpolm as part of Resonance Ghent 2009. It was a pretty full on weekend consisting of inhabiting a nice gallery space in a continuous workshop/jam session, and taking control of the visuals on the Saturday night event. Many thanks to Bram de Jong for being the perfect host!

Looking into the code:

On the saturday night we combined the forces of 3 fluxus livecoders. This is a mini clip of Gabor Papp and Evan Raskob livecoding to (I think) Claro Intelecto and Andy Stott:

Some of my stuff is visible right at the start of this video.

Here is a clip of Antti Jadertpolm live-photoshopping, which provided a very organic look, with a refreshingly manual process which was fascinating to watch:

More pics:


Some pretty dodgy photos from the Terradisco event last night, thanks to Evan for lending me his mac to perform on (the first time I’ve tried one, so getting used to the keyboard was interesting), it was a really friendly and packed event, my photos don’t really capture the vibe. It was serious livecoding practise for me, 2.5 hours of fluxing…

Setting up in room 2
Setting up in the ill fm room.

Down to 28Hz, and quite a bit of it...
Down to 28Hz, and quite a lot of it, the rig in the Ill Industries/Disjunkt room.

The best shot I got of my set...
The same room, further back – the best shot I got of my set… That’s the view that us VJ’s got of the screen!

A better shot of Evan's fluxus set, and his list of scripts :)
A better shot of Evan's fluxus set, and his list of scripts 🙂