A history of robotic art

In order to get more context for potential artistic directions for the lirec project, I’ve started compiling a timeline of robots in art – I haven’t even got as far as electricity yet…

The Digesting Duck of Vaucanson

Voltaire wrote that “without […] the duck of Vaucanson, you have nothing to remind you of the glory of France.” (“Sans…le canard de Vaucanson vous n’auriez rien qui fit ressouvenir de la gloire de la France.”) This is often misquoted as “Without the shitting duck, we would have nothing to remind us of the glory of France.”

Cellular prototype: ground added

A cellular plant made by me – energy transfer between cells is working much better now, and I’ve added blue cells which are now the only ones to divide. You need to get energy from photons hitting the green cells above ground to the blues ones underground to make new cells. The big blue spheres are going to represent nutrients, but don’t work yet. I’m not sure how far to take this, as it’s not really the most fun experience – and I’m not sure adding loads of features will improve the situation.